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hi, I'm Amber!
I'm a go-getter, business coach, and digital marketing strategist on a mission to empower ambitious women like you to forge your own path to freedom and fulfillment.

My journey began in 2011 when I founded Whole & Vibrant Living, a wellness business rooted in my passion for helping people live purposeful, passionate lives. Little did I know that my path would lead me to immerse myself in the world of techie things and marketing strategies, a side of entrepreneurship I hadn't initially anticipated.

Back then I was balancing a full-time nursing career with my business and I found myself working 80-hour weeks, juggling the demands of both worlds. The relentless pursuit left me burnt out and zestless, and eventually led to me closing my business. I went back to nursing and vowed to leave my entrepreneurial dreams behind.

But passion is funny—if you've ever felt an undeniable drive to create something uniquely yours, you know exactly what I mean—a desire to help, think outside the box, and nurture your creativity.

And so, my entrepreneurial journey reignited. Learning from past mistakes, I committed to stepping out of my comfort zone. In just 8 weeks of starting my new business, I achieved more monthly revenue than in years of my previous endeavor. This early success fueled my confidence and clarified my path. Now, I'm here to help you gain the clarity, organization, and strategy needed for a thriving business and a purposeful life.

I work with with ambitious, driven women who know they're destined for an exciting, adventurous, purpose-filled life. If that sounds like you, subscribe to this blog!

Go-Getters On A Mission is your guide to navigating the winding roads toward your own version of freedom and success. Join me on this journey, and let's make it happen!
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